Arabic ‘Mein Kampf’ Discovered In Gaza

The state of international affairs is arguably at its lowest point in nearly 100 years (or the 1930’s). Donald Trump, the former American president and the 45th commander in chief of the nation, championed a strategy of “peace through strength” in terms of his foreign policy agenda during his short 4-year presidency. His predecessor, Joe Biden, has acted in the opposite fashion, appearing incompetent, weak, and incoherent in nearly every regard. Biden has struggled to deliver public speeches, and often does not even answer questions from the media, preferring instead to read a pre-scripted statement from a teleprompter while nervously squinting into a camera with cloudy, dazed eyes. The enemies of America and the western world have taken notice; Russia invaded Ukraine in early 2022 after Biden timidly lifted sanctions on the nation that had been imposed by Donald Trump.

As things continue to deteriorate internationally, some 60% of American citizens are estimated to be living paycheck to paycheck. Rampant inflation brought about largely by reckless federal spending championed by congressional Democrats and the president peaked in late 2022, and the value of the dollar continues to decline. The middle class, which has been shrinking for decades, remains in poor health as wages stagnate and home ownership has been deemed unaffordable for some 99% of median income Americans.

In early October, the Islamic terrorist group Hamas invaded Israel, killing over 1,000 innocent civilians in the process. Israel responded by invading Gaza. While many leftists and academics across the world have openly condemned Israel and its right to defend its national sovereignty, the nation’s military continues to strike back at the many Muslim terrorists and their associates that seek to destroy the Jewish nation. Children within these terrorist enclaves are indoctrinated at early ages to oppose Israel. Unsurprisingly, the Israeli military found a copy of Adolf Hitlers “Mein Kampf” written in Arabic inside a children’s room within Gaza while battling terrorists.