Americans Defy Biden By Buying Guns In Droves

Over the last several years the topic of “gun control” and firearms ownership has been one of controversy. In the United States in 2023 the country experienced the second worst year in national history regarding the number of mass shootings. About 650 incidents occurred between January 1st and the end of that calendar year. In states like Maine, Tennessee, California, and Texas incidents occurred which claimed the lives of dozens of citizens. The gun violence archive began tracking annual occurrences of mass shootings in the country in 2014. In 2021, a record number of shootings occured with over 689. About 706 people have perished in incidents deemed mass shootings since tracking began in 2014. 646 mass shootings occured in 2022. 42,151 people died in firearms related events in the United States in 2023, of which 23,694 of those people had committed suicide. The archive had previously predicted that some 700 mass shootings would occur in America this year.

While shootings are occuring at an alarming rate, people do have the right to keep and bear arms under the 2nd amendment. Despite this reality, many politicians have attempted to pass very restrictive gun laws in states around the country. In California and New York, many firearms are banned, magazine round capacity is restricted, and extensive processes exist in order for individuals to buy a gun. A recent law in New York has proposed imposing a new and additional tax on every ammunition sale. While sales tax is already being collected, every ammunition sale would incur an additional excise tax if passed.

Many people around the country are worried and feel that the government is attempting to limit their rights to firearms ownership and possibly do so to gain more power and control over them. Americans purchased nearly 16 million firearms in 2023, a staggering amount.

While President Biden has pushed for stricter gun laws, Americans have clearly and loudly responded.