Americans Apathetic As CDC Warns Of ‘Tripledemic’

If vaccination rates are any indication, the American population is disinterested in responding to the many warnings sent by public health professionals over the ‘tripledemic’ of COVID, RSV, and flu this winter.

The CDC’s latest immunization report shows that COVID-19 vaccine reception is low throughout all socio-demographic categories. Less than 18% of individuals have received the new COVID-19 vaccination since September.

RSV is another illness that is most dangerous to those over 60. There is only a 16% uptake among that age.

Standard flu vaccines are also down.

A report shows that just over 50% of those over 18 were vaccinated for influenza, a high for the 2020-2021 season. In 2022-2023, only 46.9% did. The 2023-2024 flu season will show similar or lower rates.

Concern about the flu, COVID, or RSV is low among Americans.

Chicago health authorities have decided to stick to tried-and-true methods, claiming that they have managed to live with COVID while still enjoying life to the fullest, thanks to immunizations. With an extra 1,251 hospital admissions this week statewide, Illinois’ COVID-19 hospitalization rate is rising, but it is still much lower than 2020.

Local statistics indicate that only around 11% of city inhabitants have their COVID-19 immunizations up to date. Although some initiatives have been within the public health system to deal with these issues, the results have fallen short of expectations.

The CDC attempted X to remind users that it was the time for happiness and family. It told users to get vaccinated against the flu and COVID-19 as soon as possible before they see their families again.

According to a report, the ratio on that tweet was epic.

It was so bad a commenter asked if the CDC ever wondered why their vaccine posts always get ratioed.

According to a social media glossary, getting “Ratioed” is when the comments or responses to a post are packed with negative feedback, disagreement, or criticism. It creates an imbalance in the engagement metrics.

The CDC clearly does not have the influence it once had on the American people when even the standard flu vaccine is seeing a decline in immunization rates.