American Tourist Blasts Thai Public With Cannabis Canon

A California man was forced to apologize after he used a Ghostbusters-style gun loaded with marijuana to advertise his company on a crowded thoroughfare in Phuket, Thailand.

According to reports, the man said he was only attempting to drum up business for his California marijuana store, Kush Life.

Angkhan Vorac Chhieng, 55, an American tourist, was accused by authorities of deploying a “kush cannon,” a fog machine loaded with marijuana while strolling along the busy boulevard.

After receiving tips about his conduct and being directed to an online video of his behavior, investigators used security footage to trace Chhieng to a hotel on Bangla Walking Street.

Confronted by the authorities, Chhieng allegedly apologized for what had transpired and said he had been unaware his behavior was wrong. He also expressed regret for damaging Phuket’s reputation as a tourist destination.

According to reports, the event also prompted Phuket officials to audit local cannabis vendors to ensure they had the necessary licenses and sales permits. According to the article, cannabis use and possession were illegal in Thailand until June of last year but have since been decriminalized so long as the substance is not sold to minors or pregnant women.

Although cannabis usage for both medicinal and recreational uses is allowed in Thailand, visitors are expected to adhere to specific guidelines. Schools, shopping centers, and temples are all no-go zones for cannabis users.

Thailand’s public nuisance legislation makes it illegal to smoke marijuana in public, and it is punishable by a $780 fine or three months in prison.

The Kush blaster said he didn’t go to Thailand to generate headlines. We love the people and the culture there, and since I was born there, I simply wanted to work with others in the cannabis community to do good, said Chhieng, who added that he was in Phuket to meet with possible business partners.

Chhieng first landed in Bangkok on August 15 before heading to Phuket. He later departed the country of Thailand on August 19.