Almost Half Believe The American Dream Is Dead

For centuries, America has been looked to by the rest of the western world (and even by individuals in other countries outside of it) as a beacon of prosperity and opportunity. Historically speaking, there has been no better place to live than the United States. It could be argued that perhaps no other nation has contributed more to the prosperity of humanity as a whole than America. Indeed, the advances in technology in a broad sense- modern electricity, air conditioning, food processing, the automobile and air travel (even flight itself) clearly demonstrate the unmatched contributions that the historic culture of American exceptionalism promoted to the world. Sadly, though, the modern state of affairs in the country is markedly different. The national culture that had produced such advancements and achievements and fostered and preserved by generations of Americans for centuries has seriously declined over the last several decades.

Since the mid-1960s, migration that has originated from outside the western world has increased drastically. The result has been a complete change in American culture, at least in part from these migration patterns. As immigrants continue to make up a larger share of the national demography, simultaneously social cohesion in individual communities across the country has decreased, and the civic knowledge of Americans has also notably dwindled.

When a nation does not understand or value its history, the identity of the people eventually will cease to exist in its historic form. America’s cultural decline has been evident for decades- not just in the social aspects of society. The middle class has been shrinking for years, and inflation continues to crush ordinary families as the cost of living soars. Many families can simply not afford to pay their bills, as the cost of groceries and other basic necessities has risen sharply. Many people are simply giving up- and a recent poll shows that almost half of the country believes the American dream is dead.