Alabama Mom Arrested After Cocaine Found in Child’s Backpack

Authorities in Alabama received a tip that led them to a woman’s home, where they allegedly discovered firearms and a significant amount of cocaine last Sunday.

According to a press release from the Mobile County Sheriff’s Office, Tierra Tocorra Hill (35) was found with narcotics inside her home based on a credible and confidential source. After seeing her leave her house in a vehicle, the police performed a traffic stop.

A firearm, three pounds of cocaine, and a small amount of marijuana were discovered during the search of her vehicle.

After that, the police conducted a search of her residence and discovered that her 3-year-old had nearly 4 lbs of cocaine in his backpack. Also found were three other children, ranging in age from eight to fifteen, as well as a black backpack with an additional 2 lbs of cocaine plus two more firearms.

The authorities have said that the underage children had access to firearms and cocaine throughout that period. The house was empty of any other grownups. According to Paul Burch, the sheriff of Mobile County, who spoke with local media, her choice was purposeful.

He felt it was a choice, not an accident, that she drove about with a gun and a lot of narcotics in her vehicle and that she left her kids at home unintentionally with additional cocaine and drugs.  The law and the safety of the children were completely disregarded.

Along with the car’s abundance of narcotics, police discovered a 3-year-old boy with a blue backpack that contained cocaine.  The police assessed the cocaine’s overall street worth to be around half a million dollars.

Hill faced four charges of chemical endangerment of a minor, one count of cocaine trafficking, two counts of possession of marijuana,  and one count of tampering with evidence. They are considering pressing further charges.

Sheriff Burch noted that the idea that a parent would expose her children to such content is disturbing. Although she must first go before a court before bail can be set, in his opinion, she should remain in prison until her trial.