Aerial Attack Leaves Russian Soldier’s Defenseless

A new video seems to show Ukrainian troops destroying some Russian armored vehicles in the country’s eastern region as Moscow presses forward on Ukrainian positions along the frontlines.

The Ukrainian Defense Ministry uploaded the footage on Wednesday. It shows a drone filming a Russian armored vehicle convoy moving through rural Ukraine. Soldiers are seen leaving the convoy as the trucks attempt to change directions. In the last image, a car is engulfed in flames, and smoke is billowing from a few others. In a social media post, Kyiv referred to the automobiles as scrap metal.

In addition, the footage shows paratroopers using ammo dropped by a Mavic drone to set fire to the crippled Russian equipment. Precisely delivered ammo went off in the Russian tank driver’s hatch.

To stop the Russians from bringing a tank tractor back at night to get the equipment, it was necessary to destroy the crippled Russian armored vehicles, according to a Ukrainian airborne scout.

The video shows Ukrainian tanks shooting at Russian armored personnel carriers and Ukrainian paratroopers releasing anti-tank guided missiles at the Russian column, according to a Ukrainian military commander.

Notably absent from the video is any indication of Ukrainian troops using FPV drones in strikes, although the officer did bring it up as a possibility.

It is impossible to verify the tape independently since Kyiv did not disclose the time or place of the recording.

The video was credited to the Shadow unit of Ukraine, renowned for its proficiency in artillery and drones. On Tuesday, the unit discussed another Russian attack on Novomykhailivka in a Telegram thread.

Located on the present frontlines in eastern Ukraine, the settlement of Novomykhailivka is situated southwest of the regional capital, Donetsk City, which is under Russian control, and northeast of the devastated town of Vuhledar. Intense fighting took place in Vuhledar in 2023, with reports suggesting that Russia lost a large number of armored vehicles in the area.