Activist Chris Elston Slams Underage Trans Agenda

An activist known as Billboard Chris, who speaks out against the radical gender ideology that condones life-altering surgeries on young children, has called the transgender phenomena “the biggest child abuse scandal in modern medicine history” in his latest YouTube video. “Kids are being turned into anorgasmic lifelong pharmaceutical patients,” he said.

Chris Elston explained the root cause of the problem and said it is a bizarre adherence to gender stereotyping. He argues that if young girls or boys don’t behave in a stereotypical fashion, or in a way that is expected for their gender, the assumption is that the child in question has been born in the wrong body. “Can you imagine telling your child that they were born wrong? That’s psychologically abusive,” he insisted.

As a result of his activism, Mr. Elston has endured several physical attacks from the violent left-wing group Antifa, and at a recent protest in Rhode Island, crowds chanted that he is a “Nazi.” The protestors gathered at the Cranston Public Library in Rhode Island where a talk entitled “What Your Kids Learn About Gender in School” was being held.

The event was hosted by the Independent Women’s Network, which promotes homeschooling and warns parents that their kids are exposed to radical leftist ideas throughout their education. On a Facebook post following the Rhode Island talk, the Network said its representatives were threatened with violence during what should have been a respectful and peaceful discussion.

So-called “gender-affirming care” is now banned in some states, while courts have prevented legislation from taking effect in others. It includes the distribution of drugs known as “puberty-blockers” to pre-pubescent children – such drugs physically halt puberty and prevent a child’s normal bodily development.

The “care” also includes mastectomies for young girls and castration for boys. According to the New York Times, eleven clinics carried out 203 double mastectomies in 2021. Between 2016 and 2020, more than 48,000 “gender-affirming procedures” were performed on girls and boys in the US.