Abbott Continues Busing Migrants To Sanctuary Cities

To help the border communities, Texas is sending migrants to “blue” cities that Democrats head so they may get a little taste of their policies.

In a social media post, Texas’s Republican governor, Greg Abbott, claimed that his state was transporting 42,200 migrants by bus to six locations.

Abbott said on X and Facebook that Texas would continue to shuttle migrants to sanctuary cities to relieve pressure on border towns.

The Texas governor was very candid and put estimates on his plans:

-12,000 to Washington D.C.

-15,300 to the Big Apple (NYC).

-9,000 to the Windy City (Chicago).

-3,000 to the City of Brotherly Love (Philadelphia).

-1,800 to the Mile High City (Denver).

-650+ people to the City of Angels (Los Angeles).

August’s total of 232,972 interactions reported by U.S. Customs and Border Protection agents was a new monthly high.

On Friday, it was reported that Abbott had organized the transportation of migrants from Del Rio and Eagle Pass, Texas, to New York City via chartered buses.

In a letter to President Joe Biden, Abbott said he was sending Texas National Guard troops to the border with Mexico to stop an “invasion” of undocumented migrants.

Abbott wrote on X and declared an invasion at our border because of Biden’s actions. The Texas National Guard, DPS, and municipal authorities were all called into action. Abbot said they began building a wall along the border, lining it with razor wire, and erecting sea barriers. “We are also helping to discourage migrants,” the Governor said.

On Saturday, Mayor Oscar Leeser of El Paso, Texas, said the city had reached its “breaking point.”

Democrat Rolando Salinas, mayor of Eagle Pass, Texas, which issued a state of emergency earlier this month, has called the situation a crisis.

Kamala Harris, the border csar, has not been available for comment.