A Hollywood Icon Is Considering Retiring

In a recent interview, actor Russell Crowe revealed that he hasn’t decided whether retiring would be the right move for him as he inches toward his 60th birthday.

Over the weekend, Variety published its interview with Crowe from the Karlovy Vary Film Festival in the Czech Republic where he accepted an award for his outstanding contribution to film.

In discussing getting older, Crowe said he had reached the time in life when he can barely recognize himself in the mirror.

He told Variety that he sees director Ridley Scott as his role model for determining his future, saying that the 85-year-old director continues to discover “new things in his work” at his age. At the same time, Crowe said he may decide to “just stop” working. He said both continuing to work and stopping are “very valid choices,” adding that he hasn’t decided which choice he will make.

According to Variety, Crowe will be appearing in several upcoming movies, including playing the role of Hermann Göring in the film “Nuremberg.”

Crowe will also star in “The Pope’s Exorcist,” “Kraven the Hunter,” and “The Georgetown Project.”

But one film project Crowe will not be involved in is the sequel to the Oscar-winning film “Gladiator.”

Despite not being involved in the film, Crowe said he is constantly peppered with questions about the sequel, joking that the producers should be “f*cking paying me” for fielding so many questions about “a film I am not even in.”

He added that he does feel a bit jealous about not being in “Gladiator 2,” saying it reminds him of his younger self.

Regardless, Crowe said the sequel has nothing to do with his character since “I am dead. Six feet under.” He added that director Ridley Scott must have “very strong reasons” for wanting to film a sequel twenty years after the original “Gladiator.”