9 SCOTUS Justices Makes Rare Announcement

The nine justices of the Supreme Court released a statement at the week’s conclusion strongly opposing Democratic proposals to expand ethical monitoring of the court at the federal level. The political left has been trying to stir up controversy over three conservative judges in recent weeks, and this is the result.

In addition, Chief Justice John Roberts’ letter to Richard Durbin (D-IL), the Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman, was included in the judge’s statement to explain why Roberts would not be present at a hearing called for by the Senate Democrats.

According to Chief Justice John Roberts, it is very unusual for the United States Chief Justice to speak before the Senate Judiciary Committee. This is to be anticipated because of the importance of preserving the judicial branch’s autonomy and the frequent calls for its protection.

The stated goals of the Justice’s statement were to “dispel some common misconceptions” and bring clarity to the public and the bar on how the Justices address specific issues that can occur often.

The letter continues by discussing the difficulties judges face and how they are overcome, including those the left has raised in its attacks on Judges Roberts, Clarence Thomas, and Neil Gorsuch.

Suppose the Associated Press’s interpretation of the unanimous justices’ letter is correct. In that case, it sends the message that the court is opposed to a bill offered by Democrats that would subject the referees to the exact ethical requirements as other federal judges. The letter doesn’t say it, but it seems to imply that the court disagrees with the law.

Threats against judges have been rising recently, reaching a fever pitch last year when it was claimed that a leftist attempted to assassinate up to three conservative justices. The letter’s intended recipient was the Chief Justice of the United States Supreme Court.

There has to be a discussion about security. The letter claims there have been increased threats against judges at all levels. The dangers to the Supreme Court are more significant because they are more known and discussed. Recent events have shown that these worries are not academic. 

Any security issues that may occur are handled jointly by the Supreme Court Police, the United States Marshals, state and local law enforcement, and other agencies. There may be occasions when security counsel has to be considered in conversations about things like travel, lodging, and disclosure.