9/11 Families Enraged By Biden’s Departure From Tradition

According to reports, being the first sitting president in twenty-two years to spend 9/11 neither at the White House nor a terror attack site, President Biden has drawn harsh criticism from some relatives of 9/11 victims.

Al Qaeda militants working for Usama bin Laden were responsible for the 9/11 attacks, which killed 2,977 people and altered the course of American foreign policy for decades.

On “Fox & Friends First,” ret. Air Force Lt. Col. Donald Arias spoke about his brother being slain in the attacks. He said he isn’t surprised that Biden wouldn’t visit Ground Zero or any of the 9/11 sites.

Arias said that he’d rather him not attend at all. They won’t have to listen to one of Bden’s anecdotes about how he can ‘empathize’ as he did with the Lahaina fire victims with his story about his kitchen fire. They didn’t need that distraction.

Reports show Tom Strada’s widow, Terry, said that Biden’s choice was in direct opposition to the promise never to forget that we all made after the World Trade Center tragedy. He flippantly said he was not obligated to visit any of the memorials or mourn the deaths with the families.

Matt Bocchi, whose father, John, was killed on 9/11, said that breaking with tradition shows how things are in the United States 22 years later. It sends an impression that People are disinterested, and it is OK for them to forget if the president is prepared to skip the memorial ceremonies. He lamented that he and the other members of his family would never forget what happened.

Reports show Biden’s false claim that he had visited the site of the 9/11 attacks the day after they happened drew harsh criticism.

At a press event, Biden claimed he was in New York the day after the attack and would never forget standing at Ground Zero and staring at the building. But reports placed him in Washington, DC.