50% Believe Biden Had Special Treatment In Classified Docs Investigation

More than half of all Americans believe that President Joe Biden received preferential treatment after Special Counsel Robert Hur recommended not charging him with a crime over his mishandling of classified documents.

A recent Ipsos and Reuters survey revealed that 53% of respondents agreed with the statement that Biden “received special treatment because he is the U.S. president.”

Almost 30% of people who responded and said they were Democrats agreed with that statement.

Last week, Hurr released a nearly 400-page report that detailed all the findings of his investigation, which lasted about a year. They were looking into how classified documents that originated from Biden’s time spent as vice president ended up at an old office space of his in Washington, D.C., as well as at his Wilmington, Delaware, home.

The report concluded that Biden had “willfully” retained those classified documents. Yet, Hur’s recommendation was that criminal charges not be brought against the president.

This angered and confused many people who wondered what the difference was between Biden’s situation and that of former President Donald Trump, who is currently facing multiple criminal charges for taking classified documents from his time in the White House to his Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida.

He’s facing 40 charges in all, including mishandling the classified records as well as blocking officials trying to retrieve them. The FBI alleges that many of the files were marked as top secret.

Nearly 64% of people who responded to the survey said they believed that Biden took his classified documents illegally, while 68% said they believe Trump did so with his documents.

The Hur report was pretty damning for Biden as he seeks to quell concerns about his age for his upcoming re-election bid. The report said that Biden is an “elderly man with a poor memory.”

According to the survey, 46% of respondents said they were “somewhat familiar” with the explanation that Hur gave that it would be challenging to prosecute the 81-year-old Biden because of his characterization of the president.

Biden has had to answer multiple questions about his age and mental capacity to serve another four years in the White House, and this report only accentuated those concerns for many.

Biden is already the oldest president to ever serve, and he would be 86 years old at the end of his second term in office.

That’s a big concern for many Americans, too, as 78% of respondents to the survey said they believe Biden already is too old to be working in government. What’s more concerning for him is that 71% of Democrats said they believed the same.

While Trump is no spring chicken himself — he’s 77 years old now — his age isn’t nearly as big of a concern to voters as Biden’s. In fact, only 53% of respondents to the survey said they thought Trump was too old to serve in government.