3 Arrested In Connection To Brutal Killing And Mutilation

Authorities have detained three individuals concerning the death of a Phoenix, Arizona, man in late November. The victim’s loved ones claim that he was targeted due to his homosexuality.

In connection with the horrific killing of Bernardo Pantaleon (30) on November 25th, the men have been indicted for first-degree murder.

Court documents indicate that the deceased was shot to death, and then his corpse was mutilated with a knife. He was discovered nude and lifeless in a park inside the city.

According to the police, the perpetrators sent Pantaleon’s loved ones images of his corpse. Bonds for the men ranged from half a million dollars to two million dollars, and they remain in prison since their arrest.

Pantaleon’s loved ones have stated their belief that he was the target of a ‘hate crime’ due to his homosexuality and ostentatious fashion choices. The suspects, who were all in their early twenties, were believed by police investigators to have intended to rob Pantaleon before murdering him.

Detectives investigated social media communications involving the three individuals in question that discussed the murder, according to reports made days after Pantaleon’s murder.

Juan Pantaleon, his cousin, said Bernardo was beautiful and courageous. In his opinion, the fact that the criminals are in prison is not enough. He believes they should also be charged with a hate crime.

According to the probable cause statement, other individuals made offensive comments about the victim’s sexuality and even said that gays were not welcome on the north side of Phoenix.

According to the police, during questioning, all three of the suspects admitted to the murder.

Phoenix police have apprehended a fourth suspect in the slaying of Bernardo Pantaleon.

The first week of December saw the arrest of 21-year-old Christopher Ibarra, who faces charges of murder and aiding a criminal street gang. His bail is $2 million, and he is now detained in a Maricopa County prison. He and the three others are implicated in the murder.

According to court filings, Ibarra is a member of the North Side 15th Avenue gang.

Police also apprehended Manuel Carrasco Calderon, 21, Leonardo Santiago, 21, and Jose Rodriguez, 20, in relation to the murder.